Bespoke Private Dentures

by Clinical Dental Technician, Anna McColl

Struggling with loose, worn out dentures, that require frequent expensive repairs?

Unhappy with the appearance of your dentures?

Irritated, sore mouth due to ill-fitting dentures?

Reluctant to visit a dentist?

Arrange a FREE CONSULTATION with Clinical Dental Technician, Anna McColl, today.

Consultations available in Gresford, Wrexham and Vicars Cross, Chester.

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Clinical Dental Technician


The role of a Clinical Dental Technician lies between that of a dentist and a dental technician.


Typically, a dentist will take an impression of your mouth and send these impressions to a dental technician, who will create your denture using casts taken from the impressions.

A Clinical Dental Technician is qualified to both take impressions and manufacture the denture, and as such is well placed to create comfortable, functional, aesthetically pleasing dentures that take into account the precise anatomy of your mouth.

Bespoke, handcrafted dentures and personal service.  

A quality product direct to the patient using the latest techniques and the finest materials available.

Our Clinical Dental Technician, Anna McColl, is fully qualified to create comfortable, functional, great looking, bespoke private dentures.

Consultations are available at practices in Gresford, Wrexham, and Vicars Cross, Chester.

Call Anna today on 01352 706 100


Poorly-fitting dentures not only cause misery, but they can fail to support your lips and cheeks, creating a prematurely aged appearance.

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