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It might just be me, but I get overly excited when a freshly made bar comes back from the milling centre.

In this case, it's from Createch Medical and it's beautiful!

It's light, strong, and it's amazingly precise, the fit on the implant model is perfectly passive.

While being a little piece of technical artistry, it's also a screw-retained medical-grade-5 titanium hybrid framework for a full-arch restoration.

Those little crenellations help retention of the porcelain composite, and prevent the resin from 'rolling' around the bar under stress, eventually causing the whole lot to come apart.

Which is something we've seen happen with depressing regularity to poorly designed cast bars used by other labs.  


This example was sent to us by another lab for laser welding. 


It first had to be welded together to achieve a passive fit, then even more welding was required to do something about the porosity.

That's why we only use homogeneous, milled titanium bars for our all-on-4 restorations, the quality of the materials is absolutely guaranteed.  


On top of our framework will go crea.lign pink nano-porcelain composite, and neo.lign acrylic teeth, which produces a genuinely beautiful restoration, with a well-designed, strong, reliable framework underneath.

Which would you choose?

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