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Our private porcelain bonded crowns are designed in-house and milled by Straumann at their advanced milling centre in Basel, Switzerland. Milled metal substructures are free from casting impurities, or welded joints in bridges, ensuring stronger passive fit and improved porcelain bond. Straumann are also able to mill these substructures extremely thinly, giving our ceramists more room to create natural, characterful aesthetics.


In-house metalwork is produced in Amann Girrbach Ceramill Sintron.


Sintron is an innovative, milled CrCo for porcelain bonded crowns.  This system eliminates the casting errors associated with the lost wax technique, resulting in a homogenous substructure with cement gap parameters individually set to your preferences.

Sintron provides an ideal substructure for the layering of the porcelain resulting in a better bond and shade.

Sintron bonded crown in VITA A3 with Strato, Ivory incisal characterisation

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